0.5.0 (commit log)

Most significant changes

  • Drastically reduce size of output JS.

    • fastOptJS reduced by ~590k
    • fullOptJS reduced by ~140k
  • Remove Scalaz as a dependency.

Other changes

  • Allow decimal percentages in keyframe rules.
  • Add negation to length & resolutions.
  • Add division to length & resolutions.
  • The following JS-only methods have been moved from the ext-react module to the core module.
    • createStyleElement
    • installStyle
    • <style>.addToDocument()
  • There is now a compile-time check that styleF inputs are safe to be stored in a Map (which is (by default) what ScalaCss does under-the-hood). If you use styleF with custom data types, see the new section at the end of Functional Styles.
  • Defaults no longer use PlatformJS to determine autoprefixing rules. By default, all prefixes will be generated. You can re-enable this in your own defaults if you want to keep using PlatformJS.
  • Remove scalacss.ext.CssReset. It wasn't advertised and isn't appropriate here.
  • Refactor to expose less internal API. Everything now lives in scalacss.internal with scalacss._ being a curated list of exports.
  • Upgrade dependencies:
    • Scala.JS 0.6.12.
    • Scalatags 0.6.0.
    • scalajs-react 0.11.1
    • scala-js-dom 0.9.1
  • Update caniuse data to latest.

0.5.1 (commit log)

  • Change object aliases in Export from def to val so inner content can be imported.
  • Build for Scala 2.12.
  • Upgrade dependencies:
    • Scala.JS 0.6.13.
    • Scalatags 0.6.2.
    • UnivEq 1.0.2.