0.5.0 (commit log)

Most significant changes

  • Drastically reduce size of output JS.

    • fastOptJS reduced by ~590k
    • fullOptJS reduced by ~140k
  • Remove Scalaz as a dependency.

Other changes

  • Allow decimal percentages in keyframe rules.
  • Add negation to length & resolutions.
  • Add division to length & resolutions.
  • The following JS-only methods have been moved from the ext-react module to the core module.
    • createStyleElement
    • installStyle
    • <style>.addToDocument()
  • There is now a compile-time check that styleF inputs are safe to be stored in a Map (which is (by default) what ScalaCss does under-the-hood). If you use styleF with custom data types, see the new section at the end of Functional Styles.
  • Defaults no longer use PlatformJS to determine autoprefixing rules. By default, all prefixes will be generated. You can re-enable this in your own defaults if you want to keep using PlatformJS.
  • Remove scalacss.ext.CssReset. It wasn't advertised and isn't appropriate here.
  • Refactor to expose less internal API. Everything now lives in scalacss.internal with scalacss._ being a curated list of exports.
  • Upgrade dependencies:
    • Scala.JS 0.6.12.
    • Scalatags 0.6.0.
    • scalajs-react 0.11.1
    • scala-js-dom 0.9.1
  • Update caniuse data to latest.

0.5.1 (commit log)

  • Change object aliases in Export from def to val so inner content can be imported.
  • Build for Scala 2.12.
  • Upgrade dependencies:
    • Scala.JS 0.6.13.
    • Scalatags 0.6.2.
    • UnivEq 1.0.2.

0.5.3-RC1 (commit log)

(Skipping 0.5.2 due to botched release)

  • background-clip now has type-safe DSL.
  • FontFace names are now optional. When specified they are never modified and duplication is allowed. When not specified, they are given a unique name.
  • Upgrade dependencies:
    • Scala.JS 0.6.14.
    • Scalatags 0.6.3.
    • Scalaz 7.2.9.
    • scalajs-react 1.0.0-RC1.

0.5.3 (commit log)

  • scalacss.Defaults was broken in that it always pointed to dev settings and never chose prod settings. This has been deprecated and replaced with scalacss.devOrProdDefaults. Unfortunately you can no longer import its members directly and must instead, store it in a val somewhere in your project first.

  • Upgrade dependencies:

    • Scala to 2.11.11 & 2.12.2.
    • Scala.JS 0.6.15.
    • Scalatags 0.6.5.
    • Scalaz 7.2.11.
    • scalajs-react 1.0.0.
  • Compile for Scala 2.12 with -opt:l:method

  • Replace all instance of Stream with List, Vector or Iterator